About The Show

The SmorgShow Podcast is Smorgasbord Radio

smor·gas·bord\ˈsmȯr-gəs-ˌbȯrd\: a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes

pod·cast \ˈpäd-ˌkast\: a program made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet

The SmorgShow Podcast originates from the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show which aired on suburban Chicago high school radio station WDGC-FM between 1982-1984.

In 2010, Chris Bockay resurrected the Smorgasbord brand name and paired up with his daughter, Ally to create a new podcast series staying true to the original spirit and variety format of the old radio show.   In September 2012, the gang celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the original show which you can hear in its entirety on Episode 82.

Original Smorgasbord Radio Show co-hosts Dave Jackson, Peet McCain, and Jerry Malauskas also make regular appearances on the show.    Call our studio hotline, leave a message, and be on the show!   (312) 95-SMORG (957-6674)

Ally performs her new song ‘Exhale’ at the Oswego HS Talent Show

SmorgShow Productions Presents ‘The Lurker’

Music Video for “Untold Stories”

Tech Tutorial #2 – How to Set Your Computer Clock

Tech Tutorial #1 – How to Work the Internet

Ally Covers Maroon 5′s “Sunday Morning”

Tour of SmorgShow Studio

Chris and Dave Reunited

SmorgShow Podcast Promo

SmorgShow moderator

We are looking to do a complete relaunch of the Smorgasbord Radio Show this fall.    We have missed our audience and we should be back in the studio again very soon.    Thank you for all your support over these last four years!   


-Chris and Ally