084 SmorgShow Podcast (08.03.13)

Chris and Ally are finally back behind the mic after another rather lengthy hiatus.    This time, Chris’s Dad and Ally’s Grandfather Conrad Cardello is in the studio.    Chris’s roots and passion for radio broadcasting are traced back to his dad’s early days when he also recorded spontaneous skits with his best friend.    An early recording from circa-1963 was recently unearthed and played here.

We then ask the deeply philosophical questions, “If you had a time machine, would you travel to the past or future?” and “What time period would you visit?”.    This then leads into a discussion around American life in the 1950s and whether all that we see in TV shows accurately represent that decade.     We then play a trivia game around the classic TV series “The Honeymooners”.

Baba Gonesh has left the country, this time perhaps for good, but he presents “Baba News” from India where he informs us about the end of the telegraph service.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Winner of The Voice Season 4, Danielle Bradbery.

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