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092 SmorgShow Podcast (02.23.18)

Former WDGC-FM Smorgasbord Radio Show contributor Jerry Malauskas co-hosts this episode with Chris.  Jerry has been a close friend of the show for over 35 years and we are excited to have him back in our studio to share his perspective on all things Smorg.

Philip Donald uses his one-call allowance to call us from jail to set the record straight about his recent arrest on a Baltimore elementary school playground.  Baba sends in two updates from India while preparing for the upcoming 2018 Holi Festival.  He shares his perspective on what Holi is and why we all should care.  Baba also provides his exclusive beauty tips for celebrating this special occasion the right way.   Finally a shout-out to Ally who turns 20!!  Happy Birthday, Ally!

SmorgShow Flashback Bit: The Dating Game (2010).

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091 SmorgShow Podcast (01.13.18)

With Ally out of town on a youth group retreat, original Smorgasbord Radio Show Co-Host, Dave Jackson joins Chris in the studio for this first episode of the new year.  The show opens with a news flash concerning the shocking arrest of SmorgShow music contributor, Philip Donald.  We play a previously aired exclusive interview that Chris and Dave did with Philip back in 2011.

Baba Gonesh uses Dropbox to send in a new installment of “Thought for the Day” from India.  We then place a phone call to former WDGC-FM radio host, Jerry Malauskas who discusses his blood report.  And as expected from a bunch of guys now in their 50’s, we hear more than we need to know about lipid panels, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Ally’s band ‘Wanderlove‘ and the band’s first single “New Kids”.


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