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090 SmorgShow Podcast (11.24.17)

We are so excited to finally present our latest radio play that we have been working on since August.  Normally the SmorgShow players re-enact classic radio dramas, but in this episode, we aim to deliver something a bit different.  This time, we present to you a radio adaptation of “Rope”, a 1948 American psychological crime thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based on the 1929 play of the same name by Patrick Hamilton.  

In our story, just before hosting a dinner party, Philip Morgan and Brandon Shaw strangle a mutual friend to death with a piece of rope, purely as a Nietzsche-inspired philosophical exercise. Hiding the body in a chest upon which they then arrange a buffet dinner, the pair welcome their guests, including the victim’s oblivious fiancée and the college professor whose lectures inadvertently inspired the killing.


The Cast (In Order of Appearance):

  • Brandon Shaw – Thomas Larsen
  • Phillip Morgan – Geoff Wells
  • Mrs. Wilson – Chris Wells
  • Kenneth Lawrence – Kip Coon
  • Janet Walker – Ally Bockay
  • Mr. Henry Kentley – Jerome Malauskas
  • Mrs. Anita Atwater – Kim Bockay
  • Rupert Cadell – Chris Bockay
  • Man on Street – Baba Gonesh


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089 SmorgShow Podcast (11.04.17)

Chris and Dave reunite again for another episode of the SmorgShow.  This time, prepare yourself to kick back in the SmorgShow jazz lounge while Chris and Dave take a journey down memory lane and discuss how they met and decided to pair up together on high school radio station WDGC-FM.

The duo revisit their passion for radio and the individual life paths each has taken.  Ally then visits the studio and talks about what pairing up with her dad for the SmorgShow Podcast has meant to her during her formative years.   This is a very nostalgic and introspective episode compared to prior episodes, but one that gives a very intimate glimpse into the lives of three individuals.

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088 SmorgShow Podcast (12.23.16)

letter-from-cynthia-artworkAs we prepare for Christmas and to close out 2016, we present to you the 10th installment of SmorgShow Theater.  “Letter from Cynthia” is a re-enactment of an episode from “The Whistler” old-time radio drama series.

Originally aired on 12-25-1949, “Letter from Cynthia” finds a medical intern receiving a letter from a lost love, the love he lost to his best friend. In a strange turn of events, the man who took his love, his best friend, ends up in an accident at the hospital where he is interning. He has to make a decision between getting revenge and doing what’s right.

This episode has a different feel to it when compared with our previous radio plays.  We hope you take some time out this holiday season to kick back and listen.  Turn out your lights, bask in the glow of your fireplace or Christmas tree lights and let our story transport you back to a simpler time when families sat around their radio for entertainment.

The Cast

  • Narrator – Geoff Wells
  • Dr. Neil Andrews – Chris Bockay
  • Patty – Ally Bockay
  • Cynthia – Kim Bockay
  • Dr. Peters – Thomas Larsen
  • Charlie – Steve Larsen
  • Police Officer – Anthony Luperini
  • Intern – Thomas Larsen
  • Dr. Graham – William Bockay

We then discuss Ally’s performance in the “Let It Be Christmas” musical and play a clip of her promoting the show on the Steve Cochran radio show on WGN-AM 720.


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087 SmorgShow Podcast (07.08.16)

IMG_5671Chris and Ally return to the studio for the first time in over a year and catch on a variety of topics including Ally’s first job at Chick-Fil-A and going off to college.  Baba calls in from the Ratha Yatra festival in West Bengal.  Ally performs live in the studio.  This was our first attempt at video streaming the show via Periscope.

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086 SmorgShow Podcast (04.11.15)

We are excited to bring you our 9th installment in the SmorgShow Theater series.   This time around we bring to you a re-enactment of 1943’s radio classic ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’, originally starring Agnes Moorehead.

But wait a minute, you say!  Didn’t you guys already do this one before?   As a matter of fact, yes we did…way back in 2010 on Episode 9 of the SmorgShow Podcast.   However, back then Ally was only 11 years old and we were working with really basic editing equipment.

It sounded good at the time, but listening to it now, we’ve come to realize that we really didn’t do this classic play justice.  We decided to tackle this project again.  Coincidentally, the date this is being aired is April 11, 2015 (or 4-1-1).

Mrs. Stevenson is a spoiled, bedridden daughter of a millionaire. The telephone is her sole connection with the outside world. One day, while listening to what seems to be a crossed phone connection, she eavesdrops on two men planning a woman’s murder. Mrs. Stevenson calls the phone company and police, only to be ignored. Adding to her dilemma is the fact that her husband is missing.   After a number of phone calls, the terrorized Mrs. Stevenson begins to piece together the mystery.

The Cast:

  • Ally Bockay – Mrs. Stevenson
  • Chris Bockay – Man, George, Sergeant Martin
  • Kim Bockay – Operator, Chief Operator, Directory Assistance Operator, Hospital Operator
  • Anthony Luperini – Western Union Rep

In another feature, International News Correspondent, Baba Gonesh delivers the news to us in 90 seconds in a call from Mumbai – a story of Needle Man.

Featured Artist of the Week: Echosmith

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085 SmorgShow Podcast (08.30.14)

This episode of the SmorgShow Podcast includes the latest installment of SmorgShow Theater where the SmorgShow Players re-enact Ray Bradbury’s classic short story, ‘The Ravine’.    Written around 1936 during Mr. Bradbury’s formative high school years, ‘The Ravine’ emerged as a true story of his childhood fears of a dark, foreboding ravine that existed just a short distance away from his Waukegan, Illinois hometown.   The SmorgShow Players:

  • William Bockay – Narrator
  • Ally Bockay – Lavinia
  • Kim Bockay – Francine, Neighbor
  • Gabriella Vogel – Helen
  • Geoff Wells – Drugstore Clerk
  • Baba Gonesh – Mr. Tubbs
  • Anthony Luperini – Police Officer
  • Chris Bockay – Frank, The Lonely One
  • Charlie Snyder – Douglas

Chris and Ally also catch up on events that have taken place since our last program one year ago!

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084 SmorgShow Podcast (08.03.13)

Chris and Ally are finally back behind the mic after another rather lengthy hiatus.    This time, Chris’s Dad and Ally’s Grandfather Conrad Cardello is in the studio.    Chris’s roots and passion for radio broadcasting are traced back to his dad’s early days when he also recorded spontaneous skits with his best friend.    An early recording from circa-1963 was recently unearthed and played here.

We then ask the deeply philosophical questions, “If you had a time machine, would you travel to the past or future?” and “What time period would you visit?”.    This then leads into a discussion around American life in the 1950s and whether all that we see in TV shows accurately represent that decade.     We then play a trivia game around the classic TV series “The Honeymooners”.

Baba Gonesh has left the country, this time perhaps for good, but he presents “Baba News” from India where he informs us about the end of the telegraph service.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Winner of The Voice Season 4, Danielle Bradbery.

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083 SmorgShow Podcast (03.17.13)

Happy New Year and Happy St. Patrick’s Day – The first episode of 2013!   Chris and Ally have a lot of explaining to do about why six months have passed since the last episode.

Chris discusses his days on the government dole and his victorious return to the workplace.    Baba Gonesh returns for a belated 70th birthday and delivers the long awaited ‘Baba News’.

Former Smorgasbord Radio Show Co-Host Dave Jackson guest stars.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Celtic singer-songwriter, Marc Dunn

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082 SmorgShow Podcast (09.15.12) – Smorgasbord Radio Show 30th Anniversary Celebration Live at the Carlisle

It’s really hard to believe that it has been 30 years since Dave Jackson and I kicked off the original Smorgasbord Radio Show at Downers Grove North High School radio station, WDGC 88.3 FM.    Dave and I had a unique chemistry that made the show special.     Sadly, at the pressure of parents who wanted me to amount to something, I never pursued a professional radio career, so there was a 25-year gap between my last radio show at my college station and the time that I brought the Smorgasbord show back in podcast form in early 2010.

Over the past 82 episodes, I have been blessed to have another fantastic partner by my side for this new adventure – my daughter, Ally.    If you listen to the shows that have been recorded over the span of the past three years, you can hear how she has grown into a strong partner.   The SmorgShow Podcast has been a great hobby for Ally and me as it has created a bond and special memories between us that will forever last.   It’s also allowed me to get the creative juices flowing again after two long decades of an office career.   Thanks to 21st century technological advances, we have been able to take the show to a level that was not possible when Dave and I did the original show back in the 80’s.    For the most part, Ally and I have tried to make the new show our own rather than try and recreate what Dave and I did 30 years ago.    But on this particular anniversary episode, we could not let the milestone occasion pass without looking back and celebrating what we did all those years ago.

I think we created something special with episode 82.   Those with an acute attention to detail will notice that the anniversary show where we look back on 1982 actually falls on episode #82.   Coincidence?    Of course, it would not be a complete celebration if we did not have one of the original co-founders of the Smorgasbord Show, Dave Jackson, present for the event.     On this particular occasion, we chose to return to our original stomping grounds and host the event at the fabulous Carlisle Banquets in Lombard, IL.    This is where Dave and I hosted “The Taste of the Smorg, 1984” (a nod to Taste of Chicago where local restaurants set up their stands and sell samples of their menu items).    We were able to line up quite a variety of food vendors this time around.   In addition to sampling some of the great foods from around the country, we couldn’t resist the urge to dust off some of the old Smorgasbord Show recordings and give them a spin.   Admittedly, some stood the test of time better than others.

Jordan Martyn On Stage at The Carlisle

This episode is nearly 3 hours long because in addition to going down memory lane, we booked a list of great entertainers who performed live on two different stages at the Carlisle.    On the Oakbrook Room Stage: Hawaii’s David Kamakahi & Ikaika Brown, Iceland’s Sjonni’s Friends, the SmorgShow’s very own Phillip Donald,  and Ally performs her brand new ballad, “Untold Stories” to an adoring crowd.    Also, we are very excited that our good friend from Cheltenham, England – Jordan Martyn – came all the way to Chicago for our show and decided to debut two brand new songs never heard before tonight.    Finally, on the Butterfield Room Stage, we are entertained by the sounds of Richard Cheese and his band ‘Lounge Against the Machine’.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been with us on this journey.  Whether you listened to us during the original run or just recently stumbled upon us, we really appreciate our audience.  I hope we can provide additional entertainment value to you for many years to come.

Premium Bonus Content for SmorgShow Podcast App users:  The after party with Jerry Malauskas

Phillip Donald Live on Stage at the Carlisle

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081 SmorgShow Podcast (09.01.12)

We are proud to present Ally’s new song – an original composition called “Untold Stories”.

We discuss the death of a 44-year old man out of Kalispell, Montana who was killed by a motorist while dressed in a ghillie suit, trying to stage a fake Bigfoot sighting.

We then go to Rockwood Tap House in Downers Grove, IL where we find Chris and Dave having lunch together.   They just came back from putting down the final deposit for the upcoming 30th anniversary show at Carlisle Banquets.   They discuss how they used to think being in radio impressed girls.

This episode is shorter than usual because we are preparing for what we hope to be an amazing show on September 15.   The SmorgShow will be doing a live podcast event from the Carlisle in Lombard, IL.   We have just confirmed that Jordan Martyn, one of our featured artists of the week, will be traveling from the UK to Chicago to perform at our special event.   In case you missed our exclusive interview with Jordan, you can check it out at Episode 56.

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080 SmorgShow Podcast (08.25.12)

Campfire S’morgs ’12:  Live from Waa Kee Sha Park in Oswego, IL.   Last year at this time, we took the remote equipment out to the woods to do a live streaming podcast event.   We called it ‘Campfire S’morgs’, a clever play on words if you didn’t figure it out.   If you missed it, you can head over to Episode 57 and listen to us do the show from around the campfire.    Given that the weather was absolutely perfect this weekend, we decided to do this show a week earlier than planned.

In light of a recent tragic campfire accident where two young girls were badly burned from a campfire explosion, Anthony provides helpful tips for keeping safe when building and extinguishing a campfire.    Baba tells some jokes to lighten up the atmosphere, and shares some unusual games that you can play around the campfire.    We then take turns reading some extremely scary ghost stories.    Finally, it wouldn’t be an official campfire without singing, so we all take a stab at singing a John Denver song.   Maybe we should have practiced a bit more before doing this one live.

Also, on a totally unrelated topic, I talk about how I met Verne Troyer, the actor best known for playing the Austin Powers character, “Mini Me”.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Jenna Jentry

I would like to apologize to our featured artist of the week in that I back-announced her as “Jenny Jentry”.   I must have been reading ahead to one of our ghost stories called “Screaming Jenny”.   There is no relation as it turns out.    Anyway, head over to her Facebook page and check her out.

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079 SmorgShow Podcast (08.05.12)

In this episode, I prep Ally for returning to school – this time as a high school freshman. It reminds me of a feature that Dave and I used to do on the old Smorgasbord radio show. We would help the incoming freshman survive their first week by making their transition to the big school a little easier. Although 30 years later, I am not sure I know all the right moves myself. It’s a good thing for Google. I did some extensive research on the important things to keep in mind when starting high school. This segment transitions nicely to the discussion I have with Ally and my wife Kim about the new girls social group that they are starting, and how that feeds into my new idea for a family-oriented podcast I am launching this fall.

We then weigh in on the Chik-Fil-A controversy without getting too political. Regardless of where you stand on the same-sex marriage issue, you have to admit that they make a pretty darn good chicken sandwich. So we present the official Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich recipe that you can make at home if you are not in close vicinity to one of their restaurants.

Baba Gonesh stops in to present another installment of Baba News. Featured stories include: A teacher is jailed for beating up and cutting the hair of a 10-year old student for not conforming to the appropriate code, India pampers its pooches, and the debut of the India National Museum of Toilets. If you would like to see the full video of the event, check out Baba’s site:

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adrianne Richards

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078 SmorgShow Podcast (07.20.12)

Pizza, beer, and Baba…that’s how Chris spends his bachelor week while his wife and daughter are on vacation in Arizona.

Chris hosts this week’s show alone and discusses a brand new podcast he will be starting up this fall that will focus on issues facing high school students.

Baba Gonesh calls in to talk about his new business venture and then joins Chris live in the studio for another installment of ‘Baba News’.  Featured stories include:  Bridge in India could collapse due to human spit, Cook is killed for a delay in serving tandoori chicken, and Weird ‘blood red’ rain in India panics people .   Baba also talks about the top reasons for suicide in India which has prompted him to purchase a new domain name ““.

Also featured:  SmorgShow Family Feud (previously aired on episode 26).

Featured Artist of the Week:  Mark Knopfler

Premium Bonus Content: Chris and Dave call Peet McCain to get an update on his bed and breakfast which has been taken over by termites.    Exclusive content is for IOS device owners.  Simply visit the iTunes App store and purchase the SmorgShow Podcast App.

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077 SmorgShow Podcast (07.01.12)

Former Smorgasbord Radio Show Co-Host Dave Jackson is in the studio this week.   Chris and Ally are back from their Mackinac Island vacation and share some stories from the trip.    It’s also Chris’s 17th wedding anniversary, so his wife Kim makes a rare appearance on the show.

Dave discusses the restaurant review of Baba’s Restaurant that he planned to have appear in the New York Times but instead was bumped to the Libby Elementary School publication in Montana.  Baba Gonesh has returned from India with some fresh new stories he personally covered while abroad.

Premium Bonus Content: For IOS device owners, purchase the SmorgShow Podcast App in the iTunes app store and hear about Dave’s feral cat story!

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076 SmorgShow Podcast (06.15.12)

Tim Janus - World Champion, Belch Contest

The SmorgShow App for Android is now available at!!   Our show looks great on the Kindle Fire.

Ally has graduated middle school and we discuss the awards that were given, including the one for being disciplined no more than once per quarter over the duration of three years.   Really?  Is this an accomplishment?  Has the bar been lowered to the point where this deserves an award?

We give a special shout-out to Tim Janus, the winner of the first ever World Burping Championship who delivered an 18.1 second long belch.

We also discuss 9-year old Martha Payne from Scotland who has been blogging about her school cafeteria lunch program.   She has won the censorship battle against her school council who tried to silence her for posting photos of her school lunch and writing reviews about it.   Ally commented that her lunches are much better than the ones served at her school.    Martha’s blog is now back up and running at

For the upcoming Father’s Day weekend, we play a flashback recording of Baba Gonesh from a few years back.  Baba discusses the Father’s Day tradition in India and shares a very touching story about him and his son.   You better have some tissues handy for this one!

Finally, Phillip Donald has returned to our studio with a brand-new track from his forthcoming children’s CD.   Chris and Ally are concerned about his behavior.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Codie Prevost

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075 SmorgShow Podcast (05.20.12)

Panda Dung TeaAfter an extended hiatus, Chris and Ally return with another episode.   Chris discusses the technical disasters that have plagued the production studio since the Titanic episode.   We get to hear a couple of Chris’s recent voiceover jobs including an online dictionary reading as well as a farmer character he did for a computer video game.    Chris talks about his new turntable purchase and how fun it was to demonstrate it for Ally and one of her friends.  Chris demonstrates to Ally how the turntable was used to uncover secret backwards messages in rock music.

Other Features include News Balls:  Panda Dung Tea, a man saws off and cooks his own foot in order to continue collecting unemployment insurance, an IT worker is arrested after urinating on his co-workers’ office chairs, Dog Poo-powered WiFi, and a Chinese kid sells his kidney for an iPad.     Baba Gonesh returns to the studio with another installment of ‘Baba News’.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Daniel Link

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074 SmorgShow Podcast (04.14.12)

On this episode, we travel back in time and take a special look at voyage of the RMS Titanic for this special 100th anniversary of that tragic night of April 14-15, 1912.

This episode originally streamed live at exactly 100 years after the Titanic struck the iceberg.

Our special episode is chock full of facts and statistics about the Titanic:  the construction, the launch, the passengers and crew, the food that was served to both first class and third class passengers including the last meal.   We discuss the tragic accident, the lifeboats, the sinking, and the wreckage.   We get a flavor of what life on the Titanic was like by listening to readings of letters written by some of the passengers.  Music was a special part of the voyage and we play a few tracks that were played on board.       We close out the show with a special rendition of Ally singing, “My Heart Will Go On”.

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073 SmorgShow Podcast (03.31.12)

Former WDGC-FM Smorgasbord Co-Host Dave Jackson joins Chris in the studio while Ally is on her 8th grade spring break trip in Florida.

Chris and Dave look back on some of their old radio bits including the time when Chris got fired from his job at Time Life Telemarketing.   They discuss a disturbing new product – Twitter toilet paper where you can get your favorite Twitter feed printed on 4 rolls of toilet paper for the low price of $35.

Other features include everyone’s favorite game show, ‘Get a Life’. In addition to giving away a brand new life, Chris and Dave play some of the original ‘Get a Life’ bits from the old high school radio days.    There is an update on Tisha Chicken, the SmorgShow geocache travel bug, who makes a complete return trip home after two and a half years of trying to get to Chicken, Alaska.  Baba Gonesh visits the studio and delivers a dramatic reading of  a classic Indian Folk Tale, “The Hunter and the Doves”.   Finally, Chris and Dave take the show on the road to the local Starbucks where Dave shares a tragic fertilizer story.


Featured Artist of the Week: Damon Hill

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072 SmorgShow Podcast (03.24.12)

Angry Brides GameWe review some listener feedback from Chris’s Podcast Mastermind group. The consistent theme is that they enjoy the chemistry and interaction between Chris and Ally and want more of that going forward.

Ally is just days away from her spring break trip to Florida with her science class and she walks through her itinerary.    Chris thinks Ally is too young to be heading to Florida for spring break, but thinks spending a day at a turtle hospital is probably harmless.

Chris officially launches his voiceover business website and gives an update on some recent jobs he was awarded.    In conjunction with the website launch, Chris discusses a new podcast he is launching devoted to the voice over acting industry.  The Voice Acting Journey Podcast will debut in April.   More information can be found at

Baba Gonesh visits the studio and presents “Baba News”.   He discusses “Angry Brides”, a very popular game in India based on Angry Birds, only this game allows brides to get their revenge against opportunistic dowry seekers.

Finally, Ally debuts the audio from her award-winning science class video project.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Jonnie Murphy

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071 SmorgShow Podcast (03.04.12)

Is this the Monkey Man??

Terror in Mumbai!! Baba Gonesh returns from India where he witnessed first hand the chaos and mayhem resulting from wide-spread panic of the rumored “Monkey Man”.  Local residents believe that a peculiar figure resembling a black monkey runs on their roofs at night, swings from tree to tree, kidnaps children, and attacks women before consuming them.  Baba plays actual testimonials from the local villagers describing their personal experiences.

It’s Ally’s birthday and Granny Rose visits the SmorgShow studio to celebrate.    Peet McCain joins us live from Cleveland to give us an update on his bread and breakfast venture as well as his pursuit of a Tuk Tuk.    Returning to the show this week is “Get A Life”, the game where we give away an exciting new life to someone who is in desperate need of one.  If you would like to trade your worthless life in for a new one, call our studio hotline at 312-95-SMORG.  Tell us why you feel you are deserving of a new life and then choose door number one, two, or three.    Your new life will take affect almost immediately, so you better prepare by saying goodbye to your friends and family before calling into the show.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Ed Hale

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070 SmorgShow Podcast (02.12.12)

Gifts to Avoid Giving on Valentine's DayWe realize that Valentine’s Day is not a happy occasion for everyone, so we went out of our way to make sure this is not a warm and fuzzy and “everything is so wonderful when you are in love” episode.

Chris and Ally discuss Valentine’s Day gifts that guarantee to get you dumped, Baba Gonesh returns with “Thought for the Day: How to Prepare for a Date” as well as his annual reading of his carefully selected love poems.   Ally performs a duet with Phillip Donald, “My Heart Will Go On”.   Chris plays his classic love song written when he was 14.

Also, with the untimely death of Whitney Houston, we share a YouTube video performance of someone trying way too hard to sing Whitney’s classic “I Will Always Love You”.

Featured Artist of the Week : Aitan

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069 SmorgShow Podcast (02.04.12)

The Smorgasbord Radio Show Celebrates 2 Years as a PodcastFormer Smorgasbord Radio Show co-host Dave Jackson joins Chris and Ally in the studio this week.    On this episode, we celebrate our 2-year anniversary of podcasting by listening to some of the highlights and lowlights of the show.

Chris talks about the Podcast Mastermind group that he has joined.   Baba Gonesh is back with us in the studio to share an update on how his colonoscopy went and then presents Baba News including a tribute to one of his favorite actors and singers, Shammi Kapoor.   Ally and Phillip Donald perform a duet together.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adam Woodall Band

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068 SmorgShow Podcast (01.16.12)

Craigslist Wackos and LosersChris and Ally talk about the SmorgShow being added to the Stitcher Radio Network.

Stitcher allows you to listen to the SmorgShow directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, Kindle Fire, Blackberry or WebOS phones!  Please support our show by downloading the free app and entering the promo code SMORGASBORD when you register.

Also featured:  Baba Gonesh calls Chris and Ally to tell them about his upcoming colonoscopy appointment.   He decided not to visit the studio in person while he preps for his procedure.   Finally, more strange Craigslist listings.

Featured Artist of the Week:   Avi Wisnia

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067 SmorgShow Podcast (01.01.12)

2012Chris and Ally ring in the new year by counting down their favorite SmorgShow events of 2011.   Chris discusses Christmas at the Dave Jackson household.

Other topics:  The creepiest Craigslist listings of 2011; Baba Gonesh returns from a long hiatus and presents Baba News.   He is rather boastful after receiving much attention from his performance in our “It’s a Wonderful Life” radio play.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Loretta Hagen

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066 SmorgShow Podcast (12.17.11)

SmorgShow Theater Re-enacts It's a Wonderful LifeSmorgShow Theater is proud to present its latest radio play production.  This time, we bring you Frank Capra’s classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the 65th anniversary of the original release.    We had an absolute blast creating this!   We had a cast of dozens out to the SmorgShow studio this past month to lay down their tracks.   The main cast includes:

  • Chris Bockay – George Bailey
  • Ally Bockay –  Narrator, The Bailey Kids, Tilly, Mrs. Hatch
  • Kim Bockay – Mary Hatch-Bailey
  • Geoff Wells – Clarence
  • Dave Jackson – Joseph, Burt the Cop, Nick the Bartender, Bridgekeeper
  • Jerry Malauskas – Mr. Potter
  • Daryl Woltman – Mr. Gower, Uncle Billy
  • Chase Woltman – Young George Bailey
  • Peet McCain – Harry Bailey
  • Baba Gonesh – Ernie the Cab Driver
  • Domenico DeFazio – Martini
  • Terrylynn DeFazio – Ma Bailey
  • Larry Coon – Peter Bailey
  • Joe Personality – Sam Wainwright
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065 SmorgShow Podcast (12.09.11)

SmorgShow Theater Presents A Christmas Carol SmorgShow Theater returns with a new re-inactment of Charles Dickens’  “A Christmas Carol”.   We have updated our 2010 production so that we could include Dave Jackson in the performance.

The Cast:

Chris Bockay: Ebenezer Scrooge

Ally Bockay: Ghost of Christmas Past

Peet McCain: Marley, Ghost of Christmas Present, Nephew Fred

Geoff Wells: Bob Kratchit

Kim Bockay: Mrs. Kratchit

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064 SmorgShow Podcast (12.03.11)

Chris Bockay - Peet McCain - Dave Jackson - Jerry Malauskas

A special treat for those who have been with us for the past 30 years. On this episode, the original Smorgasbord Radio Show team – Chris Bockay, Peet McCain, Dave Jackson, and Jerry Malauskas – reunite together for the first time in 10 years.

Ally does not make an appearance during this episode because she could not deal with four old men going down memory lane and complaining about the current state of affairs.

Among the various topics discussed:    Peet and Jerry duke it out to play the best Mr. Potter on the forthcoming SmorgShow Theater production of  “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  In the spirit of that classic story, we discuss what life would have been like if there had never been a Jerry Malauskas.     We discuss the culture of high school radio WDGC-FM before and after the Smorgasbord show era, and the impact General Manager Fred Moore had on us.     We discuss the trend of moving away from terrestrial radio and toward internet radio and podcasting.  We also discuss the current state of the music industry.      On a positive note, we do not discuss any of our medical issues.


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063 SmorgShow Podcast (11.20.11)

iColon:  Chris and Dave talk about a new idea for a less intrusive medical device and we share an outtake from our forthcoming radio play “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

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062 SmorgShow Podcast (11.11.11)

A special 11-minute episode to bring the audience up to date on the latest happenings and to talk about Ally’s performance in IMEA.

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061 SmorgShow SpookFest (10.29.11)

Get ready for thrills and chills as we present our second annual Halloween SpookFest Episode.

Features include creepy, dramatic readings from Chris and Ally, Granny Rose shares special Halloween recipes that you can make with friends and family including forked eyeballs and funny bones.  Baba Gonesh presents Baba News, ghostly jokes, and a classic Indian folk tale appropriate for Halloween.  We also sprinkle a few Halloween songs throughout the show by Featured Artists: Earl Clifton Radio, Ben Twisted, and Brian Baker.

A good time for the entire family, so gather them up but be sure to hold on to your little ones…This episode is not for the faint hearted!

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060 SmorgShow Podcast (10.16.11)

On this episode, Dave Jackson from the old Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show joins Chris and Ally in the studio for a special 45th birthday celebration for Chris.    We look back on the contribution that Steve Jobs has made on the world and play a segment from his 2005 Stanford commencement speech.   We discuss some of our favorite features of the new iOS 5 operating system for the iDevices.   Chris discusses his meet and greet with Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man.  Other features include, Baba News and Get a Life.   Peet McCain and Granny Rose phone in birthday greetings for Chris.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adam Woodall Band

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059 SmorgShow Podcast (09.25.11)

On this week’s show, Chris and Ally discuss a new disturbing craze in India regarding the Reay Road Boys scaling the outside of a moving transit train.   These young daredevils have been caught on video which has gone viral on YouTube, prompting a copycat scenario.   Baba has just returned from the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and witnessed an accident first hand.

News Balls:  Pink Floyd’s pig flies again outside the Battersea Power Station in London, and a man on Salt Lake airlines threatens a man’s life over the armrest.

A new installment of “Get a Life”.   If you want to trade in your old, worthless life for a brand spanking new one, call our hotline (312-95-SMORG) and tell us why you are deserving of a new life.   Be sure to specify door number 1, 2, or 3 and we will give you a new life!

Additional stories in Baba News:  Bihar man commits suicide after cow’s death, Child dropping ritual banned in Bangalore, Ceiling fans from IIT Technical University removed to curb suicides.    Then we close out with a new song by singer-songwriter Phillip Donald.

Featured Artist of the Week:   Derek Clegg

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058 SmorgShow Podcast (09.11.11)

A 10-year anniversary retrospective of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.  Chris and Ally present an audio montage against the timeline from that day.   Featured Artist of the Week:  Doug Hanks

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057 SmorgShow Podcast (08.20.11)

In this week’s episode we unofficially close out summer by taking our show to the woods!   We present our very first live streaming event from Waa Kee Sha Park in Oswego, IL.   Join us around the campfire for ghost stories, campfire songs, and an exclusive S’Mores recipe that we like to call “Campfire S’Morgs”.

Recipe for Campfire S’Morgs:

  • Cinnamon Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Granny “Rose” Smith Apple Slices
  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Milk Chocolate

Granny Rose, Phillip Donald, Anthony Luperini, Judy the Child, and Baba Gonesh join us for this special live, remote podcasting event.   Featured Artist of the Week:  Locomotive Ghost

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056 SmorgShow Podcast (07.24.11)

Former Smorgasbord radio show partner Dave Jackson co-hosts the show again with us this week.

We feature an exclusive interview with singer-songwriter Jordan Martyn and we debut a brand-new recording of his.   Check out Jordan’s website at:

Chris shares his professional demo recordings from his voiceover acting class and makes the announcement about launching SmorgShow Productions as an official voiceover recording services business.   Other features include “Baba News”, “News Balls” and a discussion about how the Insanity Workout program is working for Chris after month one.

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055 SmorgShow Podcast (07.03.11)

On this special Independence Day edition of the SmorgShow Podcast, Granny Rose joins Chris and Ally in the studio for the full show.  Granny shares a holiday recipe and some tips to make your 4th of July picnic more enjoyable.    Then Chris gives Ally and Granny Rose a quiz on fireworks safety. Finally, we share some flag etiquette.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Audrey Auld

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054 SmorgShow Podcast (06.12.11)

Chris and Ally take a travel back in time to the golden years of radio by listening to some vintage radio commercials.  There was a time when it was okay to use the Flintstones to sell cigarettes.

Other features include: ‘News Balls’ where we discuss an assault using a dead weasel, angry crows dive bomb police in Seattle, an unusual donut shop robbery and a contortionist thief.   Baba joins us for two features:  “Breaking Bread with Baba” where Baba shares his recipe for a refreshing yogurt-based lassi drink, and a new installment of “Baba News”.  Finally we give away a new life to help save the dignity of one suburban father.

Featured Artist of the Week:   Anthony Walker

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053 SmorgShow Podcast (05.22.11)

Dave Jackson joins Chris and Ally in the studio again this week.   A listener sends in his voiceover demo recordings to the SmorgShow, but we really don’t know why.   A discussion about the end of the world which has come to naught once again.   Phillip Donald releases his debut CD and visits the studio for an exclusive interview and gives the crew a special gift.   Baba Gonesh presents news from India, we give a life away on another installment of “Get a Life”, and a man eats his 25,000th Big Mac and lives to tell about it.

Featured Artist of the Week: Stonehoney

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052 SmorgShow Podcast (05.01.11)

SmorgShow Theater Presents Ray Bradbury’s ‘Zero Hour‘, originally broadcast on April 5, 1955 as a part of the Suspense radio series.    Dave Jackson from the original Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show narrates this science fiction installment of SmorgShow Theater.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Jordan Martyn.   Jordan has been featured on our program before, but on this episode we present a SmorgShow Exclusive:  Jordan’s new studio version of “Runaway to Me”.   We are honored that Jordan has selected the SmorgShow Podcast as the first venue to air his new song before it is made available to the public.   Check out Jordan’s website at

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051 SmorgShow Podcast (04.17.11)

Dave Jackson joins us live in the studio again in this action packed episode:  An update on the new SmorgShow Theater radio play, Baba’s new podcast is up and running and has a larger audience than the SmorgShow Podcast, Chris quits his day job after receiving an outstanding evaluation from the good folks at the Voices For All voiceover acting school.

News Balls:  A new study on belly button bacteria, the corpse flower is set to bloom in Ohio, and a man eats his finger after being depressed.   EASTER BUNNY SPOILER ALERT!  Granny Rose joins us again to give helpful Easter egg decoration and hiding tips. Baba Gonesh presents another installment of Baba News.  Also, we help a man get out of his desperate situation on Get-a-Life.  Finally, ‘Where’s Tisha?’ and listener feedback hotline calls.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Cross the Border

This is a bonus content episode.  Purchase our SmorgShow Podcast App at the iTunes app store and hear exclusive content from Chris and Dave.

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050 SmorgShow Podcast (04.03.11)

Chris and Ally are back in the studio together for the 50th SmorgShow Podcast Episode.   Breaking News: Obese Ohio Man Dies After Being Fused to Chair for Two Years,  Chris discusses some famous April Fool’s Day job firings, Chris and Ally discuss their plans for their next old-time radio play, another installment of game show, “Get A Life”.

Baba Gonesh talks about launching his brand new podcast series, “Not Just for Baba Anymore – The World View and Wisdom of Baba Gonesh” then delivers this week’s installment of “Baba News”.  Stories include: Man marries his dog, Man Eats a Snake for 100 rupees, Elephant Dung as a source of livelihood, and Elephant Boy returns to school.   Finally, Philip Donald performs.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Katie Thompson

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049 SmorgShow Podcast (03.19.11)

The Chris and Dave reunion show!   Dave Jackson joins Chris in the SmorgShow studio for this special reunion episode.   Chris and Dave discuss their voiceover acting class, go down memory lane from the old Smorgasbord radio show years, and call old SmorgShow contributors Peet McCain and Jerry Malauskas.   Baba Gonesh visits with another installment of ‘Baba News’ and discusses the 2011 Holi Festival.  We take a call from the hotline and give away another exciting life on our game show, ‘Get A Life’.

Featured Artist of the Week: Freeky Clean

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048 SmorgShow Podcast (03.05.11)

It’s Ally’s birthday weekend and Peet joins in on the fun remotely from Cleveland.   Peet discusses the gift certificate for a Second City acting class that he gave Ally.   Ally describes how her party this year will involve a video scavenger hunt at the local mall.   Baba Gonesh is in the studio this week to delivery news from India:  Monkey catchers in India finally get a pay increase, the world’s largest family, and a man-eating elephant devours 17 human beings before being brought to his death.    Finally, another installment of “Get a Life”.

Call us at 312-95-SMORG and tell us about your boring and worthless life.    You can then swap that life for something more exciting by choosing door #1, 2, or 3!

Earlier in the episode we mentioned we were going to call Dave Jackson for his birthday.  We actually did try to call him but we were not able to reach him.  That portion of this show was edited from the final production.   Happy 46th birthday, Dave!

Featured Artist of the Week:   Todd Koal

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047 SmorgShow Podcast (02.21.11)

Image from Surveillance Video

On this episode, Baba Gonesh calls in with a play-by-play recap of the near tragedy at Baba’s restaurant where a man tries to blow up the place.    Chris talks about his visit with Dave Jackson over the weekend and his plans to take a voiceover acting class.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Kyle Dine

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046 SmorgShow Podcast (02.13.11)

On this Valentine’s Day show, we welcome Granny Rose back to our studio to talk about how to celebrate the holiday.  Baba Gonesh recites a few sentimental love poems, and Phillip Donald performs his latest hit, “Be My Valentine.”

We also debut our newest segment, “Get a Life” which was originally featured on the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show.   If you have a boring life and want to exchange it for something more exciting, please call our hotline at 312-95-SMORG.   Tell us why you are deserving of a new life and select door #1, 2, or 3.

Also, the 2010 Stella Award winners are discussed.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Carles Bellot

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045 SmorgShow Podcast (01.29.11)

On this special anniversary episode, Chris and Ally look back on their first year of podcasting.   We play the top 5 listener favorite bits from the first year,  Peet calls in with a special anniversary message, and Chris and Ally are featured on the Podcast Answerman show where host Cliff Ravenscraft offers suggestions for growing the SmorgShow audience.   Baba Gonesh presents a disturbing tale of the Bedbug and the Flea.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Brett Ryan Stewart

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044 SmorgShow Podcast (01.15.11)

Jerry, Ally, and Chris at Baba's Restaurant

This week we bring you our show live from Baba Gonesh’s restaurant, “The Hidden Palace: A Taste of Baba”.   Old Smorgasbord Radio Show member Jerry Malauskas stops in and co-hosts the show with us.   We discuss Indian cuisine including the basics of an Indian meal, terminology, spices, and desserts.   We go through Baba’s buffet items and Baba joins us to discuss the proper etiquette of eating in an Indian restaurant.   News Balls:  a Hitler-mocking dog, a Russian exorcist killing, Romanian witches who use cat excrement to curse the country’s taxmen, and the star realignment impact on the horoscope.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Junkyard Groove

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043 SmorgShow Podcast (01.01.11)

On our first show of the new year, we re-connect with Dave Jackson from the original Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio program.   Dave gives us an update on what he has been up since Chris and Dave disbanded and the challenges he faced with his radio career. We go down memory lane with a few highlights from the original show.   Baba Gonesh presents the story of “Tenali Raman’s Gift”, and News Balls:  Top 10 offbeat stories of 2010.

Featured Artist of the Week: Kelly Harper

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042 SmorgShow Podcast (12.24.10)

On this special Christmas Eve episode Granny Rose reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”.   Baba Gonesh has a very somber message to deliver about the children of India and how the listening audience can help a child in need.   For more information, go to Baba’s blog entry at

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041 SmorgShow Podcast (12.18.10)

This week we devote the entire episode to our latest radio play production, “A Christmas Carol”, by Charles Dickens.   It is a relatively faithful rendition of the original story, shortened to around 45 minutes in order to keep in line with our usual show length.  We brought in a large cast of actors to play the many characters of the classic story.   This was by far our most ambitious production which would not have been possible to pull together if we had not previously done the other old-time radio dramas from our earlier episodes, like “Sorry, Wrong Number”, “On a Country Road”, and “The Sisters”.     We had a great time over the past couple weeks preparing, directing, and producing this show.   We really hope you enjoy the final outcome of it.

We would like to thank all the people who made this recording possible, some of whom even braved the nasty winter weather by making the long journey to our studio to lay down their tracks.   We also want to thank our loyal listeners for making 2010 a very memorable year for us as we brought you our new weekly podcast of the SmorgShow.   It has been a very rewarding year and we look forward to doing more of it in 2011.    Merry Christmas to all and ‘May God Bless Us Every One!’

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