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040 SmorgShow Podcast (12.04.10)

On this week’s show, Chris discusses the tragic decapitation of Bobblehead Chris.  We replay a major error that was overlooked on episode 39.  Then we go into the way-back machine and dig up an old audio segment from an early Chris and Dave Smorgasbord broadcast where a caller performed the classic Dr. Seuss story, “Mr. Brown Can Moo“…and then we debut our own new version of the song!   Baba Gonesh presents another Indian Folk Tale, “The Heron and the Crab”.

‘News Balls’ with Jerry Malauskas:  What the 12 days of Christmas costs in 2010, a woman calls 911 to report her snowman was stolen, Lee Harvey Oswald’s original coffin is up for sale, a woman gives birth at a McDonald’s, and the sad passing of Prince Chunk the cat.   Finally, we play an exclusive track from the upcoming CD by Jordan Martyn, a recently featured New Artist of the Week and a new fan of the SmorgShow Podcast!

Featured Artist of the Week:  Annie Fitzgerald who is also celebrating a birthday today.

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039 SmorgShow Podcast (11.21.10)

Special Thanksgiving Episode:  Turkey Trivia, “Cookies and Milk with Granny Rose”: Granny Rose shares some of her favorite Thanksgiving Traditions; Baba Gonesh discusses how not to have a disastrous holiday; “News Balls”: First family to line up for Black Friday sales is found outside of Best Buy nine days prior to Black Friday; “Cooking with Judy”:  Judy shares turkey preparation tips and a special recipe for Cranberry Chutney.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Jordan Martyn

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038 SmorgShow Podcast (11.14.10)

It’s Baba Gonesh’s 68th birthday and we celebrate the special occasion with him live in the studio.  We also discuss the India holiday, Diwali as well as the new NBC sitcom “Outsourced”.   Another installment of “Emergency: 911” where we play a couple of outrageous 911 calls.   News Balls: A man is forced to eat his beard, a man is arrested for stealing sandwiches from Subway, a man tries to run over his girlfriend after she rejects his marriage proposal, and a Twitter threat to blow up an airport is taken seriously by British authorities.

Featured Artist of the Week : Jamie Lynn Noon

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037 SmorgShow Podcast (10.31.10)

SmorgShow SpookFest ’10: Chris and Ally share tips for Halloween pranks and provide history behind some well-known superstitions; Scary supernatural stories; Baba Gonesh presents another Indian Folk Tale, “The Wind and the Moon”; Halloween News Balls: Peet delivers a special Halloween dramatic reading, and Chris and Ally read several Halloween-related news stories; Phillip Donald performs.   This episode will give you chills.   Mature audiences suggested.

Featured Artist of the Week: Bryan Baker

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036 SmorgShow Podcast (10.24.10)

We are back in the basement studio again after a successful radon mitigation.  We talk about our plans for a new home studio.  We then debut a new feature this week called “Emergency!”, where we present outrageous 911 calls.   Baba Gonesh presents another Indian Folk Tale “The Golden Swan”, and News Balls:  Runaway crocodile blamed for plane crash, a woman drives around with a corpse on her front seat for 10 months, and a couple of fast-food restaurant attack stories.

Check out this video we talk about on the show about a woman who flips out at a McDonald’s drive-thru after being told they do not serve Chicken McNuggets at 6:30am.   There is no sound to this clip – the action begins at about 1:15 into the video:

Featured Artist of the Week:  Kim McClean

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035 SmorgShow Podcast (10.17.10)

A show all about Chris as he celebrates his 44th birthday.   Baba calls in with “You know when you’re getting older when…” jokes.   Phillip Donald sings a special birthday song for Chris.  News Balls: A man’s mile-long trip through a sewer pipe, a man is charged with toilet paper assault, airborne toilet paper bombing explained, and a grandmother’s ashes are accidentally sold at a yard sale.

Featured Artist of the Week: Subplot A

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034 SmorgShow Podcast (10.10.10)

Those who have been following our show recall that we have been testing our home for radon gas.  Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.  It’s a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of the elements in the soil and can get into homes through cracks in the basement foundation or other means.   The SmorgShow studio is located in our basement, so we decided to do a test back in September after someone advised us to do so.

Results from that test showed we tested slightly higher than the recommended maximum so we did a second test as a precaution.   The results of the second test just came back and showed we were at 3x the recommended level and therefore we must proceed with getting this problem fixed by a licensed radon mitigation contractor (what a cool title!).  Until that happens, we are moving our studio to another location.

So this week we bring you an abbreviated episode.   We have another exclusive performance by Phillip Donald, Baba Gonesh presents another Indian Folk Tale about “The Little Mice and the Big Elephants”, and News Balls: Older than 52?  Then you are probably grumpy, Hot Dog Heist: 10-foot weiner stand goes missing, and a man buys skeleton decorations for Halloween from a yard sale only to find the bones are real.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Tim Miller

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033 SmorgShow Podcast (10.03.10)

Ally discusses her weekend retreat, Mystical Melinda visits the SmorgShow studio, Baba Gonesh returns from India with another Indian Folk Tale about the Sparrow and the Elephant.  News Balls:  a very disturbing iPhone charger hits the market, an Arizona inmate ends up nearly naked after an attempted jail escape, 600 pounds of trout go mysteriously missing from a pond, and the winners of the Ig Nobel science awards are announced.

Featured Artist of the Week: Brian Keith Wallen

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032 SmorgShow Podcast (09.26.10)

Chris with Fred Moore

This week, we bring you our very special version of Family Feud.  The SmorgShow Players go up against the staff of Baba’s Village Restaurant.  Then, an exclusive interview with former WDGC-FM General Manager, Fred Moore.   Chris and Ally catch up with Fred on the road during his local performance of his “Hootenanny” show.   And Jerry Malauskas makes his debut appearance on the SmorgShow Podcast in ‘News Balls’: stories include a new product out of China turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone, prison guards catch an inmate trying to sneak in with a cell phone hidden in his rear end, and a computer glitch produces a very strange E-Fit of a crime suspect.

E-Fits Gone Terribly Wrong

E-Fits Gone Terribly Wrong

To book Fred for your next event, check out his website:

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031 SmorgShow Podcast (09.19.10)

Chik-Fil-A Grand Opening in Aurora, IL

Chris and Ally discuss the upcoming visit to see former WDGC-FM General Manager Fred Moore, the results from the radon gas test are read, another installment of “Where’s Tisha?”,  Chris reads a review from the first Roger Waters “The Wall” concert on the tour and tries to get Ally syched about going to the Chicago show this week, the Chik-Fil-A Aurora grand opening, Chris announces the launch of his wife’s new weekly podcast “Blooming Beauties”, News Balls:  A Naperville, IL woman charged in a dog poop-infused meltdown, the development of an anti-aging ice cream, the 2 quadrillionth digit of pi is calculated, and a Craigslist robber is outsmarted by a Sherriff who was involved in the transaction.   Finally, Baba Gonesh calls in from his vacation in India where he is celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.  We learn all about Lord Ganesha and the story of how he got an elephant head and fell off his mouse vehicle.

Featured Artist of the Week : Manny

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