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060 SmorgShow Podcast (10.16.11)

On this episode, Dave Jackson from the old Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show joins Chris and Ally in the studio for a special 45th birthday celebration for Chris.    We look back on the contribution that Steve Jobs has made on the world and play a segment from his 2005 Stanford commencement speech.   We discuss some of our favorite features of the new iOS 5 operating system for the iDevices.   Chris discusses his meet and greet with Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man.  Other features include, Baba News and Get a Life.   Peet McCain and Granny Rose phone in birthday greetings for Chris.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adam Woodall Band

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059 SmorgShow Podcast (09.25.11)

On this week’s show, Chris and Ally discuss a new disturbing craze in India regarding the Reay Road Boys scaling the outside of a moving transit train.   These young daredevils have been caught on video which has gone viral on YouTube, prompting a copycat scenario.   Baba has just returned from the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and witnessed an accident first hand.

News Balls:  Pink Floyd’s pig flies again outside the Battersea Power Station in London, and a man on Salt Lake airlines threatens a man’s life over the armrest.

A new installment of “Get a Life”.   If you want to trade in your old, worthless life for a brand spanking new one, call our hotline (312-95-SMORG) and tell us why you are deserving of a new life.   Be sure to specify door number 1, 2, or 3 and we will give you a new life!

Additional stories in Baba News:  Bihar man commits suicide after cow’s death, Child dropping ritual banned in Bangalore, Ceiling fans from IIT Technical University removed to curb suicides.    Then we close out with a new song by singer-songwriter Phillip Donald.

Featured Artist of the Week:   Derek Clegg

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058 SmorgShow Podcast (09.11.11)

A 10-year anniversary retrospective of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.  Chris and Ally present an audio montage against the timeline from that day.   Featured Artist of the Week:  Doug Hanks

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057 SmorgShow Podcast (08.20.11)

In this week’s episode we unofficially close out summer by taking our show to the woods!   We present our very first live streaming event from Waa Kee Sha Park in Oswego, IL.   Join us around the campfire for ghost stories, campfire songs, and an exclusive S’Mores recipe that we like to call “Campfire S’Morgs”.

Recipe for Campfire S’Morgs:

  • Cinnamon Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Granny “Rose” Smith Apple Slices
  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Milk Chocolate

Granny Rose, Phillip Donald, Anthony Luperini, Judy the Child, and Baba Gonesh join us for this special live, remote podcasting event.   Featured Artist of the Week:  Locomotive Ghost

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056 SmorgShow Podcast (07.24.11)

Former Smorgasbord radio show partner Dave Jackson co-hosts the show again with us this week.

We feature an exclusive interview with singer-songwriter Jordan Martyn and we debut a brand-new recording of his.   Check out Jordan’s website at:

Chris shares his professional demo recordings from his voiceover acting class and makes the announcement about launching SmorgShow Productions as an official voiceover recording services business.   Other features include “Baba News”, “News Balls” and a discussion about how the Insanity Workout program is working for Chris after month one.

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055 SmorgShow Podcast (07.03.11)

On this special Independence Day edition of the SmorgShow Podcast, Granny Rose joins Chris and Ally in the studio for the full show.  Granny shares a holiday recipe and some tips to make your 4th of July picnic more enjoyable.    Then Chris gives Ally and Granny Rose a quiz on fireworks safety. Finally, we share some flag etiquette.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Audrey Auld

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054 SmorgShow Podcast (06.12.11)

Chris and Ally take a travel back in time to the golden years of radio by listening to some vintage radio commercials.  There was a time when it was okay to use the Flintstones to sell cigarettes.

Other features include: ‘News Balls’ where we discuss an assault using a dead weasel, angry crows dive bomb police in Seattle, an unusual donut shop robbery and a contortionist thief.   Baba joins us for two features:  “Breaking Bread with Baba” where Baba shares his recipe for a refreshing yogurt-based lassi drink, and a new installment of “Baba News”.  Finally we give away a new life to help save the dignity of one suburban father.

Featured Artist of the Week:   Anthony Walker

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053 SmorgShow Podcast (05.22.11)

Dave Jackson joins Chris and Ally in the studio again this week.   A listener sends in his voiceover demo recordings to the SmorgShow, but we really don’t know why.   A discussion about the end of the world which has come to naught once again.   Phillip Donald releases his debut CD and visits the studio for an exclusive interview and gives the crew a special gift.   Baba Gonesh presents news from India, we give a life away on another installment of “Get a Life”, and a man eats his 25,000th Big Mac and lives to tell about it.

Featured Artist of the Week: Stonehoney

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052 SmorgShow Podcast (05.01.11)

SmorgShow Theater Presents Ray Bradbury’s ‘Zero Hour‘, originally broadcast on April 5, 1955 as a part of the Suspense radio series.    Dave Jackson from the original Chris and Dave Smorgasbord radio show narrates this science fiction installment of SmorgShow Theater.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Jordan Martyn.   Jordan has been featured on our program before, but on this episode we present a SmorgShow Exclusive:  Jordan’s new studio version of “Runaway to Me”.   We are honored that Jordan has selected the SmorgShow Podcast as the first venue to air his new song before it is made available to the public.   Check out Jordan’s website at

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051 SmorgShow Podcast (04.17.11)

Dave Jackson joins us live in the studio again in this action packed episode:  An update on the new SmorgShow Theater radio play, Baba’s new podcast is up and running and has a larger audience than the SmorgShow Podcast, Chris quits his day job after receiving an outstanding evaluation from the good folks at the Voices For All voiceover acting school.

News Balls:  A new study on belly button bacteria, the corpse flower is set to bloom in Ohio, and a man eats his finger after being depressed.   EASTER BUNNY SPOILER ALERT!  Granny Rose joins us again to give helpful Easter egg decoration and hiding tips. Baba Gonesh presents another installment of Baba News.  Also, we help a man get out of his desperate situation on Get-a-Life.  Finally, ‘Where’s Tisha?’ and listener feedback hotline calls.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Cross the Border

This is a bonus content episode.  Purchase our SmorgShow Podcast App at the iTunes app store and hear exclusive content from Chris and Dave.

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