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070 SmorgShow Podcast (02.12.12)

Gifts to Avoid Giving on Valentine's DayWe realize that Valentine’s Day is not a happy occasion for everyone, so we went out of our way to make sure this is not a warm and fuzzy and “everything is so wonderful when you are in love” episode.

Chris and Ally discuss Valentine’s Day gifts that guarantee to get you dumped, Baba Gonesh returns with “Thought for the Day: How to Prepare for a Date” as well as his annual reading of his carefully selected love poems.   Ally performs a duet with Phillip Donald, “My Heart Will Go On”.   Chris plays his classic love song written when he was 14.

Also, with the untimely death of Whitney Houston, we share a YouTube video performance of someone trying way too hard to sing Whitney’s classic “I Will Always Love You”.

Featured Artist of the Week : Aitan

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069 SmorgShow Podcast (02.04.12)

The Smorgasbord Radio Show Celebrates 2 Years as a PodcastFormer Smorgasbord Radio Show co-host Dave Jackson joins Chris and Ally in the studio this week.    On this episode, we celebrate our 2-year anniversary of podcasting by listening to some of the highlights and lowlights of the show.

Chris talks about the Podcast Mastermind group that he has joined.   Baba Gonesh is back with us in the studio to share an update on how his colonoscopy went and then presents Baba News including a tribute to one of his favorite actors and singers, Shammi Kapoor.   Ally and Phillip Donald perform a duet together.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Adam Woodall Band

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068 SmorgShow Podcast (01.16.12)

Craigslist Wackos and LosersChris and Ally talk about the SmorgShow being added to the Stitcher Radio Network.

Stitcher allows you to listen to the SmorgShow directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, Kindle Fire, Blackberry or WebOS phones!  Please support our show by downloading the free app and entering the promo code SMORGASBORD when you register.

Also featured:  Baba Gonesh calls Chris and Ally to tell them about his upcoming colonoscopy appointment.   He decided not to visit the studio in person while he preps for his procedure.   Finally, more strange Craigslist listings.

Featured Artist of the Week:   Avi Wisnia

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067 SmorgShow Podcast (01.01.12)

2012Chris and Ally ring in the new year by counting down their favorite SmorgShow events of 2011.   Chris discusses Christmas at the Dave Jackson household.

Other topics:  The creepiest Craigslist listings of 2011; Baba Gonesh returns from a long hiatus and presents Baba News.   He is rather boastful after receiving much attention from his performance in our “It’s a Wonderful Life” radio play.

Featured Artist of the Week:  Loretta Hagen

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066 SmorgShow Podcast (12.17.11)

SmorgShow Theater Re-enacts It's a Wonderful LifeSmorgShow Theater is proud to present its latest radio play production.  This time, we bring you Frank Capra’s classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the 65th anniversary of the original release.    We had an absolute blast creating this!   We had a cast of dozens out to the SmorgShow studio this past month to lay down their tracks.   The main cast includes:

  • Chris Bockay – George Bailey
  • Ally Bockay –  Narrator, The Bailey Kids, Tilly, Mrs. Hatch
  • Kim Bockay – Mary Hatch-Bailey
  • Geoff Wells – Clarence
  • Dave Jackson – Joseph, Burt the Cop, Nick the Bartender, Bridgekeeper
  • Jerry Malauskas – Mr. Potter
  • Daryl Woltman – Mr. Gower, Uncle Billy
  • Chase Woltman – Young George Bailey
  • Peet McCain – Harry Bailey
  • Baba Gonesh – Ernie the Cab Driver
  • Domenico DeFazio – Martini
  • Terrylynn DeFazio – Ma Bailey
  • Larry Coon – Peter Bailey
  • Joe Personality – Sam Wainwright
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065 SmorgShow Podcast (12.09.11)

SmorgShow Theater Presents A Christmas Carol SmorgShow Theater returns with a new re-inactment of Charles Dickens’  “A Christmas Carol”.   We have updated our 2010 production so that we could include Dave Jackson in the performance.

The Cast:

Chris Bockay: Ebenezer Scrooge

Ally Bockay: Ghost of Christmas Past

Peet McCain: Marley, Ghost of Christmas Present, Nephew Fred

Geoff Wells: Bob Kratchit

Kim Bockay: Mrs. Kratchit

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064 SmorgShow Podcast (12.03.11)

Chris Bockay - Peet McCain - Dave Jackson - Jerry Malauskas

A special treat for those who have been with us for the past 30 years. On this episode, the original Smorgasbord Radio Show team – Chris Bockay, Peet McCain, Dave Jackson, and Jerry Malauskas – reunite together for the first time in 10 years.

Ally does not make an appearance during this episode because she could not deal with four old men going down memory lane and complaining about the current state of affairs.

Among the various topics discussed:    Peet and Jerry duke it out to play the best Mr. Potter on the forthcoming SmorgShow Theater production of  “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  In the spirit of that classic story, we discuss what life would have been like if there had never been a Jerry Malauskas.     We discuss the culture of high school radio WDGC-FM before and after the Smorgasbord show era, and the impact General Manager Fred Moore had on us.     We discuss the trend of moving away from terrestrial radio and toward internet radio and podcasting.  We also discuss the current state of the music industry.      On a positive note, we do not discuss any of our medical issues.


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063 SmorgShow Podcast (11.20.11)

iColon:  Chris and Dave talk about a new idea for a less intrusive medical device and we share an outtake from our forthcoming radio play “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

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062 SmorgShow Podcast (11.11.11)

A special 11-minute episode to bring the audience up to date on the latest happenings and to talk about Ally’s performance in IMEA.

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061 SmorgShow SpookFest (10.29.11)

Get ready for thrills and chills as we present our second annual Halloween SpookFest Episode.

Features include creepy, dramatic readings from Chris and Ally, Granny Rose shares special Halloween recipes that you can make with friends and family including forked eyeballs and funny bones.  Baba Gonesh presents Baba News, ghostly jokes, and a classic Indian folk tale appropriate for Halloween.  We also sprinkle a few Halloween songs throughout the show by Featured Artists: Earl Clifton Radio, Ben Twisted, and Brian Baker.

A good time for the entire family, so gather them up but be sure to hold on to your little ones…This episode is not for the faint hearted!

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