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“Fight or Flight”, New Single by Ally Bockay

Original words and music by Ally Bockay, available for purchase on iTunes.

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“Exhale”, by Ally Bockay

Original words and music by Ally Bockay

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“Untold Stories”, by Ally Bockay

Original Words and Music by Ally Bockay

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Phillip Donald – New Single!

Phillip Donald’s New CD, “For the Kiddies” will be released this fall.  In the meantime, enjoy the brand new single “Hide and Seek”.

This is the first original work from Phillip Donald since 2011’s classic “Such a Good Ugly Thing”, which debuted at #671 on the Bulgaria pop charts and yielded such hits as “Revenge Time”, “Shut Your Face” and “I’d Rather Eat All Day”.  Now Phillip has returned to the scene with a collection of children’s songs which will certainly join the ranks of other classics by Peet Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and Burl Ives.

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Rocky Mountain High (Live from Waa Kee Sha Park)

This was recorded live at Waa Kee Sha park in Oswego, IL and was featured in the “Campfire S’Morgs” episode, number 57.   Singing with us on this track is Anthony Luperini, Judy Child, Baba Gonesh, Phillip Donald, and Granny Rose.   It was the first time we podcasted our show live to the world with our remote equipment.   It was a beautiful summer night and a great way to cap off Ally’s summer vacation.    We will likely do this again next year.

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Mr. Brown Can Moo (2010 Studio Version)

Here’s a treat for the old-time, loyal SmorgShow fans.   Chris and Ally remake “Mr. Brown Can Moo”, originally performed by the HPs on the Chris and Dave Smorgasbord show (Season 1 Episode 2, 9-18-82).   Lyrics taken from the Dr. Seuss classic children’s book and updated with 21st century sound effects!

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Stuck in the Slammer Blues (2010 Remix)

After having performed this song live in public several times in the 1980’s, I finally decided to do a proper in-studio recording of this song.  This was entirely written by Peet McCain.

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Chicken Tongue Chant (2010 Version)

This is a re-make of the opening track from our 1982 album, “Cow Dung and Chicken Tongue”.   It was fun using 21st century technology to make this version.

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I Am…I Said

I’m here all week…

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Rap Song ’91

Rap Song ’91 (1991) – It was my first year truly on my own (that is, no roommate and paying the bills all by myself). I was living in a downtown Chicago apartment right in the middle of all the action. However, Jerry and I were getting a little tired of all the uptight Streeterville girls and their attitude. So Jerry and I put together this song in about 20 minutes. We rap about bein’ dissed by one too many chicks.  This is taken from the ‘City Boyz’ video collection. Recorded in my downtown studio apartment in the fall of 1991.

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The Days of Adolescence (2010 Remix)

The Days of Adolescence (1989) -My farewell song to the 1980’s.  A song about growing up and saying goodbye to teenage life. Just before entering the 1990’s I decided to write a song that captured the essence of that period. I tried to incorporate all the main highlights and low lights from that period of my life. Every thing mentioned in this song really happened. Lyrics wise, probably my best song. I just re-mixed it with some fancy new software to double my voice during the chorus and to get rid of Don Henley in the background. Couldn’t really do too much about my being off key.

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Strong Strong Man

Strong Strong Man (1989) – We really loved to make fun of Rick Astley videos back during this time. So Jerry and I became ‘The Overconfident Jerks’ and did a cover of the classic Rick Astley number. We recorded this at Stratford Square Mall (1989). It was a pretty cool operation for its time. You could pick among thousands of songs and lay down your own voice tracks over the music. For about $10 you walked out with a cassette tape of your song. Here it is for your listening enjoyment.

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My HomeTown

This is a recording of my brother Todd and me at the Stratford Square Mall recording studio, singing Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown”. My brother is 9 years old in this recording. He came in to visit me from New Jersey over winter break that year.

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Live from the Naperville Barn – “Stuck in the Slammer Blues” (1984)

Backed by local band “Denied Remarks”, Chris and Peet perform “Stuck in the Slammer Blues” live at the Naperville Barn.

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Sympathy for the Deejay (2010 Remix)

This song is dedicated to WDGC-FM General Manager Fred Moore.

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Slime (2010 Earth Day Remix)

Slime (1982) – My first and only song about the environment. I’m not sure why I did this other than it was just an easy parody on the Alan Parsons Project song, “Time”.

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The Groundhog Song

This song really should never have been recorded. In fact, it technically wasn’t. I had written a poem in study hall on Groundhog Day back in 1982. I never put it on an official recording until the 20th anniversary version of ‘Cow Dung and Chicken Tongue’. What you will hear in this clip is Dave and me during the last 10 minutes of our final radio show on August 17, 1984. This was our “encore” after pretending to sign off for good. We actually waited a few minutes after “signing off” (with dead air) before returning to the air to perform this number. It really is terrible, but worth including here.

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The Black Cow (2010 Remix)

The Black Cow (1981) – I’m not sure what we were thinking when this was written.  This is the very first all-original Chris and Peet song.  A bitter love song by two guys who hadn’t even had a date yet at the time this was recorded.  I was 14 or so when I recorded this the first time around. When I did the re-recording of this, my daughter figured out the tune and so she is accompanying me on this version. I think the words are as relevant today as when they were first written.

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Dust (2010 Remix)

One of our very first parody songs. A song about cleaning up. Like the picture of the army of dust mites that I found? These things are in your pillow. Enjoy the song.

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Disco Sucks

Chris and Peet’s first song ever. Recorded during our pre-radio days, when we were still doing our fake radio shows from our basement radio station WKID. Yes, we were geeks, but it kept us off the streets.

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Cow Dung and Chicken Tongue – The Album

In 1982, we released a collection of our very own songs (mostly parodies of others) as a collection called “Cow Dung and Chicken Tongue”.  It was released again in 1984 once our voices had settled down from puberty.  It was later reissued in 2002 as a 20th anniversary edition with extra bonus tracks from the post radio years. 

1982 Tracks:  Cow Dung Chant/Prologue, Disco Sucks, Another School Dropout, Dust, Slime, Hatin’ It, Oh Santa, It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me, The Black Cow, Chicken Tongue Chant/Epilogue.

1984 Tracks:  Cow Dung Chant/Prologue, Sympathy For the Deejay,Another School Dropout, Dust, Slime, It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me, The Black Cow, My Favorite Bar, Stuck in the Slammer Blues, Chicken Tongue Chant/Epilogue. Also embedded throughout the recording were live bits from the Tivoli Bowling Show.

2002 (20th Anniversary Edition) Tracks:  The entire 1984 recording plus 4 Bonus Tracks: The Ground Hog Song (1980), Rap Song ’91, Strong Strong Man, and The Days of Adolescence.

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